Friday, December 07, 2007

Mighty Wall Links

The Mighty Wall link list is growing wonderfully this year! But for those of you who haven't gotten on the list let me provide you with a place to comment or e-mail for me to get your information.


Comment to this post or e-mail me at
Please remember to post your first and last name (as you want it on the link list), your URL, and your year. If you have more then one link you want up (a blog and a website, or different types of blogs) then let me know of both of them and when the link list gets more organized I may be able to get both of them up in different categories.

For those of you without a blog or anything online I highly recommend getting something. It takes seconds to make and is an excellent way to promote yourself to an international client base. IF you are afraid of some of the sites Terms of Service and the rights you may be extending to them by posting your work then you may want to look into getting your own website (They can be as cheap as $3 a month) Both are very popular and many industry professionals have gone over the TOS with a fine tooth comb to make sure nothing sneaky is going on. Once you have a place to host your images then you can easily cross post your work onto more blogs such as LiveJournal, or even here on Blogger. All this takes maybe 30 minutes to set up, and a boring afternoon to check out the sites TOS to make sure you're happy with them.


Ashley Ross said...

i'm Ashley Ross, 3rd year illus (duh!)
and my blogspot =

Ken McCuen said...

My name is Ken McCuen
I'm in 4th year illustration

my blogspot is:


Eduardo Pasaoa said...

Hullo! :D

This is Eduardo Pasaoa, 3rd Yr. Interp.


Elise Trinh said...

Elise Trinh
4th year illustration


vicki nerino said...

add meeeeeEEeee

Vicki Nerino
4th year interp.


Anonymous said...

Hey Craig!!

Just wondering if you could add me to the list - please & thanks!

Leanne Kroll
Formerly 4th year (YAY!)

Hope your summer's rolling along just fine!