Thursday, November 08, 2007

Art Jam+ Free Admission = a Party!

Amanda Sheehan, Lauren Rowlands, and Tyrel McNicol have organized a massive FREE art jam for Friday, November 23rd, at the cage/conneXion. Open to all years the idea is to just have fun, jam, and mix with your fellow illustration students. Remember to bring your own supplies, but some surfaces will be provided to draw/paint upon (I'd recommend doing a value village run to grab some fun things to paint on). Here is the rundown quickly.
When:November 23rd, at 8pm
Where: At the cage/connexion
Who: Table of Elements, the breakdance group, will be performing.
and POSSIBLE attendees include: Joe, Clemente, and some big names from
Who else: Open to all years, and other artist are welcome too.
What (to eat/drink): It's the conneXion, so the bar will be in full swing, and the event is also a potluck so bring your own food to share but remember to label things with ingredients for safety (allergies) and courtesy (non-meat eaters).

Personally, I think this is one of the best ideas I've heard all year. It's a great chance for the younger years to see who's in the program, make some friends, and learn what's coming up in the future years ahead. And for the veterans it's a great chance to see the up and coming students, network, and meet your future competition/co-workers. Ask any teacher, Illustration is a small world, so why not do yourself a favour and have some fun while introducing yourself to our small part of it.


Ashley Ross said...

add me to the linkage ty :)

Ben said...

what?! Joe and Clemente are break dancing ?? Nice.. I gotta learn me some of that..