Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Hourly Comic Day 2007

For anyone looking for an art activity to start out the new month, this Thursday is Hourly Comic Day, which is a day all about making a comic for every hour you are awake that descrbies something about the past hour. When you've finished your comics, you can scan them and post them up on their message boards. Here's some more detailed info about HCD.

And here's a few of my favourites from last year:
Dave Sherrill, Jess Fink, Dean Trippe.

Also, January's mightywall theme of "puppets" is almost over! Get your art up on that wall! And if anyone has any great ideas for an upcoming theme feel free to send any of us a message suggesting it!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Mighty Inspiration: Eatpoo.com


Second last in the new to Illustration online edition of Mighty Inspirations is Eatpoo.com. Eatpoo.com is a valuable reasource as it's forums are not only a showcase for you to post up your work, but you can post up your roughwork in their concept forums to get quick feedback from some very skilled artists. Or you can just sit back and look at all the awesome work that gets posted up. Enjoy!

Friday, January 19, 2007

Mighty Inspiration: Illustration Friday

illus fri

So it's friday and I can think of nothing better for a friday edition of Mighty Inspiration then Illustration Friday.com
Illustration friday is a site based upon themed postings of art (Just like the mighty wall, but not as mighty). They give you a weekly theme appearing on fridays and you upload a link to a piece of your work that fits the theme. You can create something entirely new or just link to an already existing piece. Either way it's a nice little distraction from school work, a bit of advertising that's enjoyable, and a great way to experiment or just have some fun without any marks being on the line.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Mighty Inspiration: Drawn.ca

With a new year comes a new twist to Mighty Inspirations. To kick things off I plan on focusing the next few Mighty Inspirations on some of the basic "must haves" of bookmarks for the internet savvy illustration student. This should be very useful for those new to the wild world of illustration on the internet, and a great way for those who are not new to make sure they've covered all their basics. With that said, I think the best place to start would be Drawn!


Drawn is a multi-author link sharing blog for all things Illustration, Animation, drawing, and/or art. It's your one stop shop for picking up links and finding out what's happening in and around the Illustration community (and it even has a Canadian slant to it). It's an excellent site to pick up some bookmarks and find out fun and interesting things that are happening.

If you have any illustration related sites you regularly visit then just toss me an e-mail at craig.arndt@gmail.com and I will see about getting them up here.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Mighty Wall: Wrestling

So it's been a while. But we are back. I will try to get back on task of regular postings and make sure not to have another huge gap (because I know how much you love us).
To make up for it we have all of your pictures from Decemeber. And there is a new wall up now based upon Puppets!
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