Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Freelance advice from a Freelance artist

This might be a bit old school for some of you as this was posted on a bunch of sites a few months ago. But I recently was going through some of my bookmarks and reread the article and I believe the information is extremely valuable.

Dave Roman is an amazingly talented artist who's work has appeared in such books as Flight, Agnes Quill, and Nickelodeon Magazine. Dave is also the associate editor, comics associate, and a writer for Nickelodeon Magazine. So in short, he has had more then a bit of experience in the illustration work and he knows his stuff.

The article itself is quite long and detailed but every word in the article is pure gold. Dave covers everything from portfolios to how to work with an art director, from media recommendations to how to advertise yourself online, and everything in between. And unlike many books out there which are years old, technophobic, or written from "old man" perspective/about the industry years ago, but Dave's article is about as current and relevant as possible.

So if you have a moment of free time then go and read the article. If you're busy at the moment then bookmark it and go back to it once you are free.

Free Friday Movies

Julia Breckenreid has started up Free Movie Fridays open to all illustration students. Each Friday the goal will be to show a classic or highly influential movie in B124 (up on the big screen, just like a theater).

Last week was ever classic Stanley Kubrick's The Shining. This week is to be determined but once Julia gets me the list of what's playing this/later weeks I will post it up here.