Thursday, February 28, 2008

Mighty Inspiration: Design Inspiration

Design Inspiration is a really nice blog/site with a bunch of interviews of many popular designers and illustrators/artists. The questions in the interviews are actually really good questions like "What do you do to keep yourself motivated and avoid burn-out?" and "What makes a designed piece or illustration successful?" instead of some of the more quirky interview sites that ask things like "what is your favourite potato chip flavour?". The site hasn't been updated in a couple months but if you haven't checked out the site before it's certainly worth the read.

well, it looks like Design interviews is down. So if you didn't check out the site you might have lost your chance. To make up for the short lived post here is another good blog/site to look up. It's more design based then illustration, but it does have both illustrators and designers.

Bepo and Mimi have another show coming up! This one is called The First Sign of Spring. March 7-9 at the Gladstone Hotel (Toronto) with the opening being 7-10 on the Friday. Lots of Sheridan grads and teachers are in the show and looking at the teaser art work it looks like some really good stuff.

for more info check out:

Gladstone Hotel
1214 Queen st W
(it's right near a subway stop and easy to drive to)

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Illustration Movie Nights! More and more!

This Friday at 6pm we have Raging Bull (in B124, just beside Tim Hortens). If you haven't seen it, and you enjoy anything that DeNiro has ever done then this is something you should see. Julia has also hooked me up with a list of tentative movies in no particular order:
*Alfred Hitchcock's Rear Window
Monty Python and the Holy Grail
*Ridley Scott's Blade Runner or Alien (haven't decided yet...)
*In the Realms of the Unreal - A documentary on Henry Darger, visionary artist, janitor, and novelist.
*Helvetica - A documentary about typography, graphic design, and global visual culture.
*All About Eve - a fantastic Bette Davis film
Billy Wilder's Sunset Boulevard

This looks like a pretty solid list of movies covering pretty much every movie taste out there. And if nothing else you should check out Helvetica, I've heard so much positive reviews on the movie that I wouldn't pass it up.

Getting back on track

Sorry for taking a while to post things. I have been hit by cold after cold.
Anyways, things should pick up here again. There are a couple interesting things coming down that should be cool.