Sunday, December 10, 2006

Mighty Inspiration: Paper Blue

One of the most common problems I notice most people talk about when they mention their artistic weaknesses is backgrounds. Often as illustrators we just put so much focus on the figure that we just half ass the backgrounds, or simply don't give it the attention it deserves. Honestly though a smart background can easily enhance an illustration by bring attention away from your weak areas of the figure, or bring attention to a strong area. Because backgrounds are so important I want to bring your attention to an artistic site known as Paper Blue. Not only are most of the paintings on the site amazing, but many of them even have english tutorials on how they were made (or at least some tips and tricks you may not have already known).

I highly recommend checking out the work posted here even if it's just to look at some pretty pictures between homework projects.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Mighty Wall: Animal Hybrids

Here it is! Our Mighty Wall theme of Animal Hybrids for the month of November is complete! Check out the great submissions we got below, and make sure you click on the thumbnails to see them larger. Be prepared to gape in awe at all the fine details of these fantastic animal monstrosity mashups!







The new wall is up with the delightful theme of wrestling! We've already got a few submissions tacked up, so make sure to stop by and check them out for some inspiration.

Mighty Inspiration : Narrative and Street Performers

Point Number One: In conversation with Tessar, we got to talking about how after a certain point, it almost becomes counter-productive to look at the work of others in your field. If all we do is look at the work of other illustrators, then we can't help but regurgitate the same old tired ideas.

Point Number Two: For the folks who stick around long enough, the fourth year in illustration offers a class that is focused on Narrative. Its a chance to let students stretch their story-telling muscles. I can't tell you how much I'm enjoying it! You could say that I really feel at home with that class.

So how do these two points tie in? Today's post is about story-tellers who work almost completely outside of the realm of typical illustration.Maybe you can take a bit of inspiration
from these fine folks?

The kindly old man at the top of the post is Tamaeharu Nagata one of the few remaining Kamishibai-shi, or traveling story tellers in Japan. Basically he cruises around on a bike with his stage and props and performs for a couple of kids, narrating the story as he presents the images in order. He doesn't paint the images, instead he has a massive collection of illustrated manuals, the art in them is deliciously good/bad. The ultra-awesome PingMag has a great article on Mr. Nagata and this unique form of story telling.

Check it out here.

I started thinking about how unfortunate it is that Kamishibai-shi has now become outdated, and if there are any new ways to bring it back. The best solution can probably found in Royal de Luxe and their massive performance 'The Sultan's Elephant'.

It's a gigantic puppet stomping around jolly-old-England. I love it. YouTube has a clip of it here, and if that wasn't crazy enough, look whats going on in Iceland. HELICOPTERS.

So yeah, thats the kind of thing you fine folks can expect from me, inspiration that isn't strictly illustration related. Hopefully these posts will stir something in you to go beyond what we've been taught, I think theres a lot more to us then pictures on paper.

Cheers and Rocket Ships,
Rey O

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Mighty Link List and New Mighty Topic on Friday

Have a place on the net where you toss your art up for people to see? Are/were you an illustration student at Sheridan College? then get in on the Mighty Link List. Reply to this post with your name, site address and the year you're in/graduated and we'll toss your link up on the side. Or send an e-mail to and I can toss your name up.
Who doesn't love free advertising?

Side Note: This months Mighty Wall (Animal Hybrids) comes down on friday. If you have something you want to add to the wall then toss it up on the board before friday (it's the board outside the 4th year room, the one with all the animal hybrids on it). On friday we will be taking everything down to put up next months topic (super secret topic #11213) and over the next few days we will try to scan everything from animal hybrids and post it up here.

Mighty Inspiration: Doug D Forbes

Lets all take a moment to peek at Doug Forbes work. Simple yet busy, Colourful yet with a limited colour palette, energetic yet calm... contradictory? yeah maybe a little. But you'd have to check out his work to really see what I mean.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Mighty Inspiration: David Crosland

OK, I spent far too long trying to think of some food related metaphor to explain why I like David Crosland's work. As one half of Hiredmeat and a regular illustrator for Tastes like chicken the whole food metaphor just seemed like such a good idea. But half way through I got distracted by David's clean and comical style and just forgot what I was saying...
so yeah... David good...

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Mighty Inspiration: Chris Appelhans

It's the subtle things in illustration that really make the difference between a good image and a great image. And Chris Appelhans aka. froghatstudios has great skill in something that the average artist often overlooks... Light sources. The high contrast and attention to detail in his work is really something to take note of, and it appears that Sony pictures agrees as they hired him for a bunch of the concept work for their movie Monster House.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Mighty Inspiration: Aloha OE

While I'm not sold on all of the colour work of Aloha OE I do find that many of her sketches are right on the money. Particularly her sketches with spot colour. Even without colour though her line work is really engaging and in general her pencil work is just really fun

Friday, November 24, 2006

Mighty Inspiration:Intro and Ric Stultz

Mighty Inspiration is a regular posting of interesting and inspirational artistic sites/blogs/things on the series of tubes we call the internet. This will be mostly stuff from outside of Sheridan that Sheridan students may find interesting, as opposed to the Mighty Students postings which will be just about students work around Illustration.

To kick off Mighty Inspiration I have Ric Stultz. His professional gallery is an excellent mix of Digital and Ink but that isn't where he shines. Whenever I have to to touch Gouache and I'm looking for something out of the normal I just take a small peek over at his stuff here.

Mighty Mission Statement

Let's Face it, we as illustration students at Sheridan have some of the heaviest work loads in the Art College field. And between all those deadlines and all-nighters it becomes very easy to lose track of one of the big reasons we all choose illustration. Cause drawing is FUN!

This is where the Mighty Wall comes in...
Been working on a painting for the past 6 hours and need a break? Toss a drawing up on the wall! Have 2 hours to kill between class? kill some time you wouldn't be spending on homework anyways by drawing a quick doodle and pasting it up on the wall! Feeling insperiationally tapped out? Check the wall for a variety of artistic styles! Tired of having your work looked over when teachers are posting work in the halls? The wall won't turn your work down! Looking for love and don't know how to break the ice? Ask that special someone to do a collab to post on the wall!
The wall does all these things and more. And with it's monthly themes there should always be something new and exciting going up, while still giving you time to focus on your... work.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Oh How We Are Mighty

man! things are moving along at a good clip with all things Wall related.

after a few hiccups, the physical wall has been established - the current theme, 'hybrid animals' will be up for the remainder of this month. soon after, we'll be posting up all of your crazy animal submissions, and starting the next one.

over on the internets, it's pretty cool seeing the links list grow, and
fast! almost every day we have someone new to link up. it's also really cool seeing the work everyone is doing - I think we're getting closer to meeting our goal of getting connected with one another.

For lack of a better word, I would say it's really healthy.

it's also worth noting that the sheridan faculty has an official blog, right here. It looks like it's going to be a good place to keep abreast of the various guest speakers and events that are going down.
They posted up some pictures of Jillian Tamaki's talk. It was pretty inspirational having a young and successful illustrator talk about her experiences. She's only been at it for like, a year and a half?!?! zuh!

Jillian was nice enough to draw me an octopus in her recently released book Gilded Lilies , cheggitout:

I totally have a talent crush on Jillian Tamaki.

Well thats about it for now, TO GOOD HEALTH!


Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The New Hotness


it's been awhile, hasn't it? gosh, you look different, your all 'beta-y' now.

This is the new 'Mighty Wall', you can still cheggout the old one here, but it was easier setting things up like links on this new-fangled blogger beta deally-o.

oh, and LINKS are going to be important for the new wall, since we're planning on making this a place where all of us sheridan illustration folks can get together, from all years, all shapes, all sizes! The idea is we'll link to everyone we can get and once a week feature someone from the list, post some pics of and maybe a little chat or interview, sound like fun?

also 'oh' worthy : We've got TWO new co-bloggers this time, Rosemary and Craig! They're both know how to surf The Internets, and between the three of us, we'll be like a super team of posty goodness.

Theres still going to be the wall forreals also, but we're trying to scout out a primo location for it - any thoughts?

So yeah - lets have fun!

cheers and rocket ships and blobbythings,