Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The New Hotness


it's been awhile, hasn't it? gosh, you look different, your all 'beta-y' now.

This is the new 'Mighty Wall', you can still cheggout the old one here, but it was easier setting things up like links on this new-fangled blogger beta deally-o.

oh, and LINKS are going to be important for the new wall, since we're planning on making this a place where all of us sheridan illustration folks can get together, from all years, all shapes, all sizes! The idea is we'll link to everyone we can get and once a week feature someone from the list, post some pics of and maybe a little chat or interview, sound like fun?

also 'oh' worthy : We've got TWO new co-bloggers this time, Rosemary and Craig! They're both know how to surf The Internets, and between the three of us, we'll be like a super team of posty goodness.

Theres still going to be the wall forreals also, but we're trying to scout out a primo location for it - any thoughts?

So yeah - lets have fun!

cheers and rocket ships and blobbythings,



Rosemary said...

we're going to rock these series of tubes SO HARD

fillstheills said...


fred hon said...

that blob thing is fugly.

donkeyjuan said...


Carson said...

hooray for jumping on the bandwagon! add me to the contact list please