Friday, November 24, 2006

Mighty Mission Statement

Let's Face it, we as illustration students at Sheridan have some of the heaviest work loads in the Art College field. And between all those deadlines and all-nighters it becomes very easy to lose track of one of the big reasons we all choose illustration. Cause drawing is FUN!

This is where the Mighty Wall comes in...
Been working on a painting for the past 6 hours and need a break? Toss a drawing up on the wall! Have 2 hours to kill between class? kill some time you wouldn't be spending on homework anyways by drawing a quick doodle and pasting it up on the wall! Feeling insperiationally tapped out? Check the wall for a variety of artistic styles! Tired of having your work looked over when teachers are posting work in the halls? The wall won't turn your work down! Looking for love and don't know how to break the ice? Ask that special someone to do a collab to post on the wall!
The wall does all these things and more. And with it's monthly themes there should always be something new and exciting going up, while still giving you time to focus on your... work.

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