Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Mighty Inspiration: Link List

We all know about but talking to some people students around school I've found that a lot of students illustration sites knowledge ends there.

So, my plan is to try and build a bigger illustration link list for those out there. A mix of sites that feature illustrators as well as illustrations, design/designers, and just good sites for those in the illustration field. Here's the catch: I don't want to just list out a huge list and have everyone copy it without anyone adding to it; the whole point of the mighty wall is to build a community and grow together. So, I will post 5 sites I know then leave the comments open for anyone to post up any sites they know. If we can get a decent list going I will keep on posting up more of my own links and together we can all build up a great list of sites to look at. almost daily features on illustrators. It's worth noting that illustrophile seems to love Sheridan illustrators and as of posting this 2 of the newest 3 posts are about Sheridan grads. UK based blog that talks about various inspiring things in Europe right now. I find sites like this invaluable as their crappy commercials they've seen a million times are completely new to us. Comics news blog that focuses more on indie comics/comic creators and what is happening in the current indie comic industry. LA based blog with some reviews and previews about galleries and shows in the LA area. It's interesting to see what's happening on the west coast. And a good source of ideas for east coast shows. It's basically the same idea as but different articles and features. If you like Drawn then this is a good complementary site.

Ok, now it's your turn.

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Lee said...

Here is my list :
paintalicious - - Great contemporary art. -
Illustrators community. - one of my favorite places. You would find different artists there.

I have much more links, tell me if you are interested :)

Great Idea