Thursday, October 04, 2007

Mighty Wall "Writting on the Wall" Contest

The Mighty Wall looks great with all the artwork up on it right now, but the wall itself is looking a little drab. So we've decided to hold a little contest open to any and all illustration students.

What: Design a title block for the mighty wall to be painted up on the wall by the winner. This is your change to leave a lasting impression on the walls of Sheridan... or just to paint on the walls and not get in trouble. Make sure to have "The Mighty Wall" in your design and bonus points if you can work "" into the design.
when: The contest will be going on for the next 2 weeks.
where: post your designs up on the wall or e-mail digital submissions to
who: at the end of the 2 weeks a panel of teachers and students will judge the submissions and declare a winner

Any questions, feel free to reply to this post or e-mail

best of luck!

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