Friday, September 07, 2007

Student Gallery Is Starting Up Again

Many of you may remember from last year that Julia Breckenreid has taken it upon herself to run a small gallery of student work in the Illustration halls by the Jam wall. Well this year she's doing it again and is now taking proposals. These spots went quickly last year so I recommend getting together a couple of friends and tossing together a proposal quickly. Last year there were wall displays as well as tabletop displays (I will try to verify if that is the case this year) but you can check it out for yourself in the hallway beside A138.

For ideas of what you can do check out this show last year done with recent grad superstars James Provost, Tessar Lo, Nataly Kim, Greg Hill, and Rey Ortega at:

a quick Copy and paste proposal form:

Student Name(s):
Proposed week of show:
Theme (if any):

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