Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Mighty Inspiration:

With a new year comes a new twist to Mighty Inspirations. To kick things off I plan on focusing the next few Mighty Inspirations on some of the basic "must haves" of bookmarks for the internet savvy illustration student. This should be very useful for those new to the wild world of illustration on the internet, and a great way for those who are not new to make sure they've covered all their basics. With that said, I think the best place to start would be Drawn!


Drawn is a multi-author link sharing blog for all things Illustration, Animation, drawing, and/or art. It's your one stop shop for picking up links and finding out what's happening in and around the Illustration community (and it even has a Canadian slant to it). It's an excellent site to pick up some bookmarks and find out fun and interesting things that are happening.

If you have any illustration related sites you regularly visit then just toss me an e-mail at and I will see about getting them up here.

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